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Why use Google Ads? Because you can skip the long line of search results and show up at the top immediately. At Veivos, we don't build generic ads; we craft custom ad campaigns that convert browsers into buyers.

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Why Choose Our Custom Ad Campaigns?

Lower CPC.

Our expert Google Ads managers know how to get you the most out of your ad spend with high-touch budget strategies.

Transparent results.

We report what's happening behind the scenes to demonstrate ROI without vanity metrics cluttering the data.

Ongoing optimization.

We don't launch your campaign with a "set it and forget it" mentality; we are always optimizing for improved results.

Higher conversion rates.

With robust tracking and ongoing optimization, we ensure your active ads are converting every time to maximize ROI.

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Google Ads Next Steps

Once you're interested in working with Veivos, we schedule a Discovery Call to determine if we're a good fit for each another based on your objectives, budget, and our teams' personalities.

Once the proposal is approved, we schedule a strategy meeting to discuss the specifics of your Google Ads campaigns.

Next, we design the landing page, set up goal tracking, write custom ad copy, select keywords, and build out the Google Ads campaigns.

Finally, we launch your campaigns and monitor them regularly. We perform ongoing optimizations via A/B testing, adjusting bidding strategies, etc., to ensure every dollar of ad spend is being used to its fullest potential—maximizing your ROI.

After we've collected enough data from your active ads, we will suggest new campaign ideas, keywords, and initiate a retargeting strategy. (We never "set it and forget it!")

Why Choose Our Google Ads Services?

We're specialized.
SEM is our niche, and we stick with it, becoming hihgly proficient in the work we produce every day.

We're strategic.
We make decisions that positively impact your bottom line and support business goals.

We're selective.
As a results-driven agency, we work with less than 25% of clients who are interested in our services.

We're accessible.
We have an accessible team of professionals you can reach easily—no waiting on hold for a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Google Ads, you pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad. With SEO, you attract organic users by sharing high-quality content on a regular basis. SEO is a longer-term strategy to acquire organic online traffic and leads.   

Google Ads works great for fast, short-term results, but they normally have a lower long-term ROI. Ads can also be helpful if you want to begin ranking immediately for a keyword that you don't normally rank for (e.g., a new product, service, geographical expansion).

One of the primary benefits to Google Ads is you can ramp up or decrease your budget at any time. Our clients typically spend between $1.5k and $5k/month.

It depends on your industry, but you can typically expect a 25%-50% ROI.

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