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Websites Should be your Best Sales Tool.

Your Website is Your #1 Employee

Websites work holidays, skip lunch breaks, and never ask for raises. They answer customer questions, process orders, and schedule meetings. Take care of your website and it’ll take care of you. 

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Website Statistics



 Percentage of people that associate the quality of a business with the quality of its website.



 Percentage of visitors who are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. 

Why Choose Our Web Development Services?

SEO Expertise

Your website will rank higher on Google because each website comes with a custom SEO strategy.

Conversion Maximization

You can expect greater customer inquiries due to well-placed call-to-actions throughout the website.

Streamlined Process

We developed the process to minimize your time investment, freeing you to work on your business. 

Accessible Team

Clients have direct access to the developer and the digital strategist working on the project.

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Web Development Next Steps

Once you're interested in working with Veivos, we schedule a Discovery Call to determine if we're a good fit for each other based on your objectives and budget.

Once the proposal is approved, we schedule a Kick-Off Call to discuss your website’s aesthetics, general layout, and page elements.

We design create a wireframe (i.e., general mockup) of the website for your approval.

Based on the wireframe, we create a template to assist you in writing the website content. In most cases, a large portion of the existing website content can be used. After writing the content, we optimize the content to include target keywords to increase SEO.

The last step is to develop the website and launch it. We can either host the website on your own servers or refer you to our partner firm to handle ongoing hosting and maintenance.

You're a Good Client If...

You Have a Limited Budget
Our services aren't cheap ($4,500/website), but the price-tag won't break the bank even if you're a small business. 

You Need a Standard Website
Our websites are clean, well-designed for SEO/conversions, and beautiful. However, we don't offer complex backend development (e.g., databases).

You Value SEO
One primary benefit of working with us is our deep understanding of SEO. We don't charge extra for this optimization -- it comes with every website. 

You Prefer a Small Team
We have a small team, which makes us highly specialized in SEM and web development, but it precludes us from offering other marketing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a flat rate of $4,500 per project, including the kick-off call, wireframe, keyword optimization (i.e., SEO), and launch. If you need help writing the content, we can do so at an hourly rate of $165/hr.

Yes, but it’s more expensive to edit an existing website than to rebuild it in most cases. That’s because we use clean and highly editable WordPress themes, which decreases development costs, ultimately making projects more affordable.

No, but we partner with an excellent firm, Axim Solutions, that can handle hosting and ongoing maintenance.

Typically, it takes four weeks from the time we receive the deposit to complete the website. However, the timeline is contingent on how quickly the client can provide the content.

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