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Case Study

Unboxed Training & Technology

SEO | Google Ads

Case Study

Unboxed Training & Technology

SEO | Google Ads

The Situation

Unboxed Training & Technology offers a suite of Learning & Development services to large companies in the financial and pharmaceutical industries. Unfortunately, their website had lost substantial traffic compared to the beginning of the year. To increase exposure and generate sales, they asked Veivos to conduct a thorough analysis of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) initiatives and to provide a recommendation for growth.


After the analysis, Veivos identified significant holes in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, dramatically affecting their ranking on Google. Furthermore, Unboxed Training & Technology was not leveraging Google Ads to rank for high buyer intent keywords. To increase visibility, Veivos recommended a comprehensive SEO initiative and a targeted Google Ads campaign. 

Search Engine Optimization

There are 3,350,000,000 results for the keyword “Learning and Development.” It’s an incredibly competitive market. To rank in this industry, Unboxed Training & Technology needed a complete SEO revamp, which included an upfront initiative and on-going support.

Veivos executed a complete SEO overhaul.

Veivos launched the following upfront initiatives:

  • Analyzed more than 1,000 unique keyword combinations to create a robust keyword strategy. The selection criteria for the keywords were high-search volume, low-competition, and industry relevance. 
  • Executed the keyword strategy throughout the website by adjusting title tags, header tags, and meta-descriptions.
  • Identified and corrected more than 3,000 errors preventing their webpages from being indexed.
  • Disavowed toxic backlinks which were compromising their domain authority.

Addressing Unboxed Training & Technology’s poor SEO foundation was the first step in increasing their online visibility. 

Veivos provided monthly support.

After the initial SEO overhaul, Veivos provided on-going support to increase their online visibility:

  • Researched, developed, and published bi-weekly blogs.
  • Procured monthly backlinks to increase authority.
  • Provided expert SEO advice on internal strategy. 
  • Identified and corrected backend errors to maintain a health authority score.

Veivos wrote and published bi-weekly blog posts to diversify their keyword portfolio. Each blog post had a target keyword and secondary keywords sprinkled throughout the blog post to augment the strategy. In addition to diversifying their keyword portfolio, Google saw that the website was increasing in ranking for affiliate terms like “using gamification to teach sales,” which led to greater visibility for high buyer intent keywords like “custom sales training.” 


To increase domain authority and overall visibility, Veivos procured backlinks from notable websites like and Backlinks were pointed to the blog posts, which helped to boost rankings immediately. 


Veivos acted as their in-house SEO experts providing recommendations on keyword strategy for new pages, how to effectively delete pages without losing domain authority, and ways to alter the site architecture to increase visibility.


Digital is fluid; Google’s algorithm updates and Unboxed Training & Technology’s code changed. As a result, Veivos needed to monitor and address new backend errors (e.g. broken links, slow load times, 401 redirects links, sitemat.xml errors, etc.) Each page with an error has the risk of becoming deindexed, rendering the page completely invisible. On-Page Optimization is one of the most important elements to SEO, and often unaddressed from other firms because of its difficulty to do correctly.

Veivosincreased Unboxed Training & Technology’s traffic
by 14.95% within the first month and by 51.77% within six months.

Google Ads Campaign

Due to the high level of competition, Veivos launched a Google Ads campaign to augment the SEO initiatives. Veivos launched the campaign to rank for both high buyer intent keywords as well as competitor names. Veivos took a holistic approach in launching the campaign:

  • Developed a messaging strategy to direct ad copy.
  • Analyzed and selected keywords.
  • Utilized automated and manual bid strategies.
  • Monitored and optimized the account.

Veivos started by brain storming the unique selling proposition of Unboxed Training & Technology, which directed the ad copy. Veivos experimented with headlines, offerings, and body copy. After reviewing ad performance, Veivos turned off under-performing ones and wrote additional ads using concepts from the high-performing ones. The process was iterative until Veivos narrowed in on a few excellent ads. 


Veivos over-layed data from Google Keyword Planner with organic keyword research. After looking at the different data sets, Veivos created unique ad groups tailored to Unboxed Training & Technology’s product offering. The selective keyword strategy helped increase the click-through-rate (CTR) and decrease the cost-per-click (CPC).


Google Ads is an auction place, so it was necessary to develop a bidding strategy that maximized the budget. Veivos used a mixture of automated and manual bid strategies to maximize the monthly budget.

As a result of the strategy and on-going optimizations, the campaign had an impressive 3.9% CTR, $0.98 CPC, and a $32 cost per conversion.

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