Unboxed Training & Technology

Case Study

Unboxed Training & Technology's lead generation was limited by its poor Google ranking.

Unboxed Training & Technology creates customized training curriculum and software for fortune 500 companies. Although they have various lead generation channels, they knew improving their poor online visibility was a major opportunity to close more business. So, they came to Veivos for a comprehensive SEO campaign.

9-Month Results*

Our SEO helped Unboxed schedule more sales meetings and close deals.


Monthly Traffic
(Organic Traffic)


Monthly Demo Requests
(Organic Traffic)


New Ranking Keywords


Monthly Traffic
(Organic Traffic)


Monthly Demo Requests
(Organic Traffic)


New Ranking keywords

* Our engagement has lasted 25 months, but we have only 9 months of conversion data.


Large Competitors

Low Sales Interest from Organic Users

Limited Keyword Portfolio

Upfront Project

Conducted Audit

We conducted a thorough SEO audit of the client's website, competitors, and the overall learning and development industry.

Identified High-potential Keywords

We analyzed the learning and development industry to identify high-potential keywords based on search volume and keyword difficulty.

Optimized Website's Keyword Strategy

We updated the website's H1, H2, and title tags to communicate high-potential keywords to Google.

Corrected Backend Website Problems

We corrected over 2,000 backend website errors that hindered the website's authority, and therefore, SEO.

Monthly Support

Develop Optimized Content

We develop and post optimized blogs (i.e., contains keywords) each month to expand the website's keyword portfolio.

Acquire Linking Domains

We acquire linking domains for each blog to quickly signal to Google that the blogs are relevant and contain high-quality content.

Fix Website Errors

We fix new problems resulting from things like CMS updates, hosting changes, or new Google algorithm updates.

Conduct Performance Meetings

Each month, we provide a 60-minute meeting to review a comprehensive performance report, including metrics like conversions, organic traffic, and new keywords.

Monitor Google Algorithm Updates

Google continually updates its algorithm, which is why we actively monitor updates and their implications for the client.

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"We've developed a great partnership with Veivos and their dedication to increasing our online visibility is evident in all aspects. Their comprehensive SEO strategy and targeted Google Ads campaigns creation and management have made a significant difference to our website traffic. We appreciate their expertise, attention to detail, and innovative approach."

- Sami Bahu, Previous Marketing Director at Unboxed Training & Technology.