Search Engine Optimization Audit

Your Growth is Our Business.

Discover Where You Stand, Then Step Up On Google

  • Do you know if your website is generating business?
  • Do you want to outrank your competition on Google?
  • Do you need an action plan on how to improve your SEO?

By investing in a custom SEO Audit, Veivos can help your business surpass competitors, gain mroe website traffic, and earn more leads. Are you ready to start at the top?

The Contents of A Custom SEO Audit

Throw out the canned SEO reports that the other guys are rebranding then selling to you at a premium. At Veivos, we create a custom slide deck with data that's unique to your business and its primary competitors. Each audit is $650, comes with a 25-page custom slide deck and a 60-minute call with a digital strategist.

25-page Custom Slide Deck.

What you can expect from the deck.

  • Organic website traffic insights.
  • Keyword strategy evaluation.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Backlink portfolio review.
  • Website authority score.
  • Content strategy assessment.
  • Website error identification.
  • Recommended areas of improvement.

60-minute Call with a Digital Strategist

Why you'll love 60-minute call.

  • We don't dump data in your lap; we walk you through the results slide-by-slide.
  • We answer any questions you have about SEO, your audit results, etc.
  • We explain SEO best practices and where your strategy is lacking.
  • We highlight next steps on how to improve your search ranking.
  • Oh, and we don't pitch our services on the call (unless you ask.)

(Audits start are $650)

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Why You Need An SEO Audit

We custom craft every SEO audit, so you know where you stand online and how to step up your search engine marketing initiatives.

Identify your website's strengths and weaknesses.

Discover if an SEO iniative will help you reach business goals.

Obtain actionable data that can be used to improve your website's performance.

Confidently speak to manages, peers, and direct reports about SEO.

Know how you stack up against the competition.

Learn the right questions to ask a potential SEO partner.

Gain clarity around how Google views your website.

Walk away with a valuable digital analysis and accompanying action plan.

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