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Case Study


Lead Generation

Case Study


Lead Generation

The Situation

HackCville is a talent accelerator that works with students from The University of Virginia. HackCville trains more than 900 students each year in technical skills like software engineering, data science, and digital marketing. Although programs run year round, their primary revenue stream is their prestigious boot camp called Launch. The program selects top UVA students to participate in their summer program; students learn a technical skill during a 4-week boot camp and then are connected with a company for a summer internship.


HackCville received over 1,000 student applications for Launch 2019, but they were only able to accept a fraction of the qualified students. The capacity constraint was due to the number of available internships. To increase capacity, HackCville needed to expand the number of their available internships, which required additional company partners.


HackCville came to Veivos for support in their business development initiatives. Although they had a strong sales strategy and closing rates, they lacked qualified leads. Therefore, Veivos launched a lead generation initiative to fill HackCville’s sales funnel.

Lead Generation

The strategy consisted of identifying the target demographic, finding and validating email addresses, developing a cohesive and compelling messaging strategy, and then launching an email drip campaign to schedule sales calls. 

Target Demographic

After conversations with Hackcville’s leadership, market research, and testing, we determined that focusing primarily on owners and C-suite executives of east coast startups had the most potential. Although the owners would not directly oversee the interns, HackCville’s program was unconventional to the point that interacting directly with senior leadership was necessary. Furthermore, special emphasis was placed on alumni of The University of Virginia.

Email Procurement

We used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify target decision makers. Through proprietary software, we pulled and validated roughly 500 emails. The data included full name, job title, company name, company domain, and email address. This prospect list fueled the email drip campaign.

Messaging Strategy

After considering HackCville’s unique selling proposition, we wrote and experimented with email subject lines, body copy, selling points, number of emails, and types of sales collateral. Before using our primary prospect list, we tested the messaging strategy on decision makers outside of our geographical target.

Campaign Launch

We used a suite of marketing software to automate and optimize the campaign. Although it did require some on-going maintenance, the majority of the work was complete in the initial development phase. The entire contract lasted eight months.

Lead Generation Results

The campaign generated $260,000 in revenue, contributing to 50% of HackCville’s 2019 growth. Furthermore, the initiative automated away a 20 hr/week job.

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