Commonwise Home Care

Case Study

Commonwise Home Care came to Veivos to help them acquire clients and caregivers.

Commonwise Home Care is an in-home care company with locations in Virginia and South Carolina. To grow, they needed to acquire clients and new caregivers. Unfortunately, they knew that their poor presence on Google was dramatically hindering their ability to connect with these two target audiences. They came to Veivos to help them run successful Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads Campaign Metrics


Cost Per Lead


Less than Industry Average


Conversion Rate


Higher than Google's Average


Click Through Rate


Higher than Google's Average

Campaign Challenges

Low Monthly Traffic

Two Target Audiences

Upfront Initiative

Analyzed Ad Viability

We analyzed the viability of running ads for each target audience based on metrics like projected clicks, CPC, conversion rates, and business value from each conversion.

Installed Goal Tracking Software

We installed advanced goal tracking infrastructure to monitor user-behavior and record phone calls.

Created Keyword Strategy

After confirming that ads was an appropriate marketing channel, we analyzed over 1,000 keywords to decide which keywords the client would like to rank for.

Wrote Ad Copy

We wrote concise ads for each campaign using relevant keywords and high-buyer intent language.

Established Bidding Strategy

We used a combination of a manual bidding strategy (i.e., manually adjust the bidding limits for keywords with high conversion rates) and a maximize conversion strategy.

Analyzed Ad Viability

We designed and developed landing pages to increase conversions rate and Ad Quality Score, both of which decreased the cost per lead.

AB Tested Ads & Landing Pages

We AB tested ad copy and landing pages to determine the best versions, which is largely why the conversion rate was 365% higher than average.

Optimized Campaign

We consistently adjusted ad copy, keyword portfolio, designation URLs, and bidding strategy, which led to performance increases month after month.

Reported Monthly

We met with the client each month to review KPIs like clicks, CPC, CTR, cost per lead, and conversion rates.

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"The team at Veivos has totally transformed our online presence. We are spending less and getting far better search performance, which is in turn leading directly to new clients. I couldn't recommend them more."

- Blair Kelly, Co-Founder at Commonwise Home Care