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Case Study

Commonwise Home Care

SEO | Google Ads

Case Study

Commonwise Home Care

SEO | Google Ads

The Situation

Commonwise Home Care is an in-home care company servicing families in Virginia and South Carolina. Prior to approaching Veivos, they had already worked with firms to increase their website’s performance and online visibility. However, they weren’t satisfied with the results—growth had plateaued and Commonwise Home Care knew that they needed to revamp their digital strategy. 


Veivos started by analyzing the in-home care industry by inspecting the competition, the organic and paid search landscape, and Commonwise Home Care’s current standing in the market. After the general analysis, Veivos conducted a thorough audit of Commonwise Home Care’s SEM position. Veivos inspected:

  • The effectiveness of the site’s keyword strategy.
  • The website’s architecture (e.g. links, sitemap, Javascript/CSS, header tags, etc.) which can negatively affect visibility.
  • The number and quality of backlinks, which can either improve or hinder a website’s domain authority. 
  • The desired keyword positions in target locations. 
  • The ratio of branded vs. non-branded keywords, which indicates SEO health.  

The analysis identified critical holes in each part of Commonwise Home Care’s SEO strategy, which explains their poor online performance.


To address the issues and begin increasing their online visibility, Veivos launched an SEO and Google Ads initiative. The SEO campaign was a long-term strategy whereas Google Ads was meant to drive upfront revenue.

Search Engine OptimizationVeivos developed and launched a comprehensive campaign, which included both an upfront and on-going initiative.

Upfront Initiative

The initial project included:

  • Transferring the website from VSSL–a limited hosting platform–to WordPress.
  • Conducting a thorough keyword analysis, assigning each page a target keyword, and developing header tags to support the target keyword. 
  • Correcting critical backend errors, which prevented key pages from being indexed by Google. 
  • Disavowing toxic backlinks from untrustworthy websites, which was negatively affecting the website’s domain authority.

Fixing initial errors was important in laying a strong SEO foundation. Afterward, Veivos launched on-going SEO services to expand Commonwise Home Care’s keyword strategy and bolster their domain authority. 

On-Going Initiative

Monthly support included two initiatives: content creation and backlink procurement.

Content Creation

Veivos used the keyword analysis to develop a content calendar, which informed the content strategy. Veivos wrote weekly blogs. Each post had a target keyword with low competition, high search volume, and industry relevance. The content strategy served two purposes:

Expand keyword portfolio Each blog post expanded the client’s keyword strategy. Each page can only rank for a certain number of keywords, which means a website’s size caps the number of ranked keywords. By writing blog posts, a website expands its page count and therefore expands its keyword portfolio.
Update website content Google wants to show the highest quality content to its users. Google’s algorithm prioritizes websites that regularly refresh their content–blogging is an excellent way to show Google a website is regularly monitored and updated.

Backlink Procurement

The second on-going initiative Veivos managed was backlink procurement. Backlinks are the number one way to build domain authority (i.e. online credibility). The more quality backlinks a domain has, the more likely Google is to rank the website. When one website links to another website’s content (i.e. blogs), the website gains what’s called a backlink, which boosts the online credibility of the site. Veivos found quality backlinks (i.e. websites with high domain authority, industry relevance, and target anchor-text) each month. This initiative was crucial to build Commonwise Home Care’s domain authority, building trust with Google. 

Search Engine Optimization Results

The campaign increased Commonwise Home Care’s traffic by 25.63% within the first month. The client continued to have positive results; after five months, their traffic was up 95.06% compared to the same period the previous year.
Google Ads

Although Commonwise Home Care already had an active campaign running, the entire strategy was unclearly defined and the account was poorly optimized. To increase the campaign’s effectiveness and increase ROI, Veivos conducted an entire campaign overhaul. We conducted the following initiatives:

Rewrote ad copy A major problem with the campaign was the ad copy. It was generic, which decreased the click-through rate (CTR). Furthermore, the copy didn’t include keywords from the pages, which decreased the relevance score and increased the cost-per-click (CPC). Rewriting the copy played a major role in increasing the campaign’s performance.

Replaced the keyword strategy Keywords are at the foundation of Google Ads, and a small difference can dramatically affect cost. By analyzing and then aggregating keywords into unique ad groups, Veivos decreased the CPC from $6.60 to $1.52.

Adjusted big strategy Google Ads act as an auction. Companies bid on search result positions. The highest bidder receives the highest position; the lowest bidder doesn’t rank at all. It’s important to combine both manual and automated bidding strategies to minimize the average CPC. 

Google Ads Results

The campaign overhaul was extremely effective. Within the first month, Veivos achieved the following:

  • Decreased the cost per conversion from $443.03 to $56.64.
  • Increased the click-through rate from 2.4% to 3.9%. 
  • Decreased the average CPC from $6.60 to $1.52.

Google Ads proved to be an extremely effective campaign.

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