Bates Orthodontics

Case Study

Bates Orthodontics Faced Steep Competition from Other Orthodontic Practices.

The orthodontics industry is ripe with competition. Each individual practice wants to rank for the same keywords, making showing up on Google for relevant searches extremely difficult. Bates Orthodontics knew that growing their online exposure was critical to growth, so they came to Veivos to develop and implement an SEO initiative.

6-Month Results


Monthly Traffic


Monthly Customer Inquiries


New Ranking Keywords


Monthly Traffic


Monthly Customer Inquiries


New Ranking keywords


Competitive Industry

Low Monthly Users

Limited Customer Inquiries

Initial Project

Analyzed Industry Keywords

We implemented a comprehensive keyword analysis to find keywords with low competition and higher search volume.

Implemented Keyword Strategy

We implemented a keyword strategy throughout the website, replacing old header and title tags with higher-performing keywords.

Fixed Website Errors

We corrected on-page optimization errors. For example, similar content, faulty links, 404 errors, non-301 redirects to improve site ranking and user experience.

Installed Google Tracking Software

We set up necessary software to track website user behaviour and goal completions.

Updated Internet-Wide Citation Errors

We found and updated 100+ directories with incorrect business information (name, address, phone #, etc.)

Corrected Google My Business Listing

We corrected the client's Google My Business listing with accurate service categories, geography, and contact information to improve Richmond, VA visibility.

Monthly Support

Create Content

We develop and publish blogs each month to expand the client's keyword portfolio.

Find Backlinks

We find backlinks each month to bolster the website's authority score and each blogs' page score.

Fix Website Errors

We continue to fix on-page optimization errors that negatively affect user's experience and the website's visibility.

Talk Monthly

We meet with the client monthly to discuss key performance indicators, campaign results, conversions, and overall general strategy.

Optimize GMBL

We help increase the client's Google My Business Listing (GMBL) rank by monitoring online directories and report non-allowed competitor keyword usage.

Monitor SEO Best Practices

We continually monitor the SEO landscape and provide recommendations for improvement (e.g., utilize new software to procure more Google reviews).

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"I'm incredibly pleased with Veivos' ability to execute, monitor, and optimize a highly successful SEO campaign. Within six months, organic traffic increased by 400% and online bookings by 295%. It's also great to not have to go through an account manager. Instead, I have direct access to those who manage our strategy, making for a much better client experience. I highly recommend them!"

- Taylor Bates, Owner at Bates Orthodontics