The Best Platform for PPC Marketing Results

The Best Platform for PPC Marketing Results

in Sep 01, 2020

Pay per click (PPC) is a search engine marketing strategy that involves paying for website clicks by displaying higher in search instead of earning website traffic organically. The most common platform for PPC campaigns is Google Ads, previously known as AdWords. 

With over 88% of market share, Google is the leading search engine. Businesses that want to be on top compete on Google using Google Ads.

Discover the benefits of Google Ads and why you should consider including it in your marketing budget.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click marketing platform that allows businesses to reach audiences who are searching for their projects or services online. The benefit of using a PPC model is businesses only pay for clicks on the keywords and phrases that are most valuable to them. 

The Benefits of Google Ads

Increase Website Traffic

Being the most popular search engine, Google generates the majority of online traffic. Every second, Google processes 63,000 searches. Consequently, Google Ads will produce more clicks and impressions than other platforms. Greater exposure for your business provides a larger pool of prospects to nurture and ultimately convert.

Build Brand Awareness

37% of marketers listed brand awareness as their top priority, trumping lead generation (26%), for digital marketing in 2019. Google Ads provides businesses the opportunity to both increase website traffic and brand awareness. 

As a new or niche business, lack of online visibility is a problem that Google Ads can solve. Even if prospects aren’t clicking on ads, they see your business name, the offer, and additional information in the copy itself. Never underestimate the power of ad copy.

Buyer Intent

Looking for the best email marketing software? Researching hotels with a conference room? Need to find a good meeting place for lunch? Google it. Google is where people ask questions and expect to find answers — ads can provide those answers.

A business can target each stage of the buyer journey using keywords in Google Ads. The broader terms suggest a prospect is higher in the marketing funnel, “email marketing software.” While longer, more specific terms suggest the prospect is closer to purchasing, “best email marketing software for small business.”

The Right Clicks For The Right Cost

A major benefit to Google Ads is only paying for qualified clicks by people who are in the market for a particular product or service. A max bid can be set for every keyword so businesses never pay for more than they bargained for. As keywords get more specific, implying a prospect is lower in the funnel, businesses can choose to bid more on those terms. 

Measurable Return On Investment

Finally, ROI that can be measurably tracked. Google Ads provides a global site tag that tracks the various actions visitors take on a website. The conversion tracking code is particularly beneficial because it tracks when a visitor completes a desired action on the website. Track calls, downloads, form submissions, purchases, etc. to measure what matters most to your business (or boss).

Faster Results

While search engine optimization takes time to build online credibility, PPC advertising starts proving results immediately. Pairing SEO with PPC creates a holistic search engine marketing strategy that drives business goals forward, faster.

Why You Need a Google Ads Manager

Google Ads is not a set-it-and-forget-it platform. The platform is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but budgets can drain fast if not managed closely. 

Google’s algorithm is always changing and campaigns that were high performing one month might plummet the next. Through constant optimizations, especially in the keyword strategy, ads can stay competitive on Google Search.

If you need a Google Ads manager or are considering Google Ads as an addition to your current marketing endeavors, give us a call.